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The Reward


Rachel Marie Lemke

In a quiet town in northern Alaska, a gun shot was heard in the distance. A scream soon followed. Bruce Amadaus turned his head and closed his eyes. Although he knew the action took place miles away, its guilt filled the air. After fifteen seconds, a cell phone in Bruce's coat pocket rang.


A voice answered a moment later in a low, mysterious voice, "It's done."

Bruce waited and took a deep breath. Then with his eyes closed and his fist clinched, he said, "Were you seen?"

"No," the man paused, "is the ride ready?"

"Don't worry, Michael's on his way. He'll take you back to Copa."

"All right. You're not doubting yourself, are you?" A long pause followed before the man continued. "The Godfather needed someone to give the orders and carry them out. Michael and the two of us will be rewarded generously. We had to do this."

"I know. I'll meet you back in front of the Godfather's house." With that said, Bruce took his phone from his ear and stared at it in his hand. While biting his bottom lip, he ducked into a black BMW with tinted windows and the driver pulled away from the thick forest it was waiting in.

Fredo Copa, the godfather, lived in an extravagant living corridor surrounded by guards, gates and guns. As the car Michael was driving and Bruce's BMW neared the front four completely armed, loyal henchman approached the cars. Michael was waved through but Bruce was asked to wait for a moment. When the guards stepped back and were joined by three more, Bruce began to sweat. He hastily reached for the button to lower the divider between him and his driver. As the tinted, bullet proof glass slowly inched downed, a gun arose to Bruce's fear stricken face.

Inside the main building, Michael and Mario awaited the Godfather. A loud bang preceded the ringing of Michael's phone.


"Is he gone?" Michael eyed Mario as he awaited a reply.

"Yes, you won't have to worry about him any more."

"All right." Michael put his cell phone away and turned to face Mario. "Bruce is gone."

The Godfather entered and both men stood. "I heard you completed two jobs for me. I'm most impressed. Although I was skeptical about having Bruce along from the first, I guess it turned out fine." The Godfather sat at his desk and opened the top, middle drawer. "And now your reward for your loyalty and completion of the jobs." The Godfather reached down and then held a gun to the men.

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