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The Party


Kati Gaustad

Three friends, Nadia, Krissy and Andrea, were sitting at a table, at the  town's local hangout, when Nadia’s crush, Matt, said he wanted to talk to her. 

Nadia excused herself from her friends and asked Matt what he wanted.

“Well, actually, I wanted to know if you wanna go to my friend Anthony’s party.  It’s this Saturday night," he said.

She felt her face become red from blushing and said,  “Yea, I’ll go. But can my friends come too?” she asked.

“Krissy and Andrea?” he asked.

Nadia nodded her head.

Matt assured her that would be fine. Nadia told Matt that she had to get back to her friends and he said he had to go home anyway and that he would call her. They exchanged phone numbers and walked away from each other.

Krissy and Andrea were dying to know what happened. Nadia told them about the party invite and that they could come along also. The two girls said that they could go.  They were all very excited.

On Friday, the girls went shopping after school. They all wanted to buy cool, yet a little sexy looking outfits.

Nadia bought a short black skirt and a purple tube top. Krissy bought a short blue dress.  And Andrea spent her money on a pair of khaki colored pants and a white halter top.

After shopping, they all went home. They were now even more excited, knowing that they were going to look cute and also be surrounded by guys!

When Saturday night came, they were a little nervous. After all, it was their first time going to a real guy/girl party without any parents home. Krissy was the only one of them that had her license, so she drove. 

On the way there, they got lost. Matt’s directions weren’t very clear and the party wasn’t even in their town. When they finally got to the party, they were almost an hour and a half late! They thought that Matt was going to be really mad at them all. Nadia felt so bad that she told Krissy and Andrea to go in and tell him that if he forgave her that she would be outside. Nadia’s friends tried to get her to come in, but she refused.

So, when the two girls went inside, they were amazed at what they saw.  They could tell Matt didn’t even notice that Nadia wasn’t there because he was hanging all over some other girl! And he was also drunk. He couldn’t walk and he was  acting so stupid and making a fool out of himself. Andrea and Krissy looked at each other and shook their heads.

They walked back outside and told Nadia that the party was dumb so they should go home. Nadia asked, “Why? What’s going on?”

They explained what they had seen and Nadia was really upset. She was mad and  sad at the same time.   The girls all agreed that Matt was a total jerk and that they could have fun on their own.

They went to a teenage dance club and had a great time. They met new people and laughed more than ever.

The next time Nadia saw Matt she made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with him. They never spoke again. But Nadia realized she didn’t lose anything. She knew she had a pair of really good friends that would always be there for her. No matter what.

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