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Woman 2 Woman


Cinnamon Brown

(Part 1)

(reality based fiction the names and times have been changed)

The phone rings.. I answer ,the voice on the other end is that of a female her voice is raspy and she has a deep Brooklyn accent she asks " May I speak to Naomi" I answer "This is, Who is calling?" She sighed hard laughed a little and answered" You don't know me but I know you" I paused for a second trying to catch the voice on the other end it definitely was not familiar, She continued saying

" The man that I love is in love with you and I need you to let him go so that we can go on with our life" My heart skipped 2 beats and I started to recollect the last year of my 5 year relationship to a man named Kevin I started to think about the broken promises the late nights when he wasn't at home and I realized I was talking to his mistress. I stayed quiet waiting for her to tell me the purpose behind her call because there had to be some reasoning a mistress always knows how to contact the main woman in a man's life she doesn't make contact until something happens like pregnancy, std, or she actually falls in love with him and wants to eliminate the main woman.

So this girl was calling me for one of those reasons and I was eager to know which one. You see I wasn't mad that he was cheating or even that she called I was mad because it went on long enough for her to get the opportunity to call. I waited for her to say something but I guess she was waiting for me to ask questions. What is the use of me asking her questions she did not know the answers to what I wanted to know he had the answers. I looked to my left and saw his chest rising and falling as he slept in my bed looking peaceful, faithful, and innocent.

I finally broke the silence and said "what's your hook what do you want me to say to you what is it that you want to hear" I said the word with anger and hurt. She answered " Exactly what I said I want you to let him go I want you to leave so he can get over you I do not want to play seconds to you anymore".. I laughed hard I could not believe that she was saying this to me seconds if he gave her any time that was supposed to be designated for me then that would mean that I played seconds to her every he didn't come home to me. I was the one who had invested 5 years of my life to him the one who held him when his mother died the one who paid his bills when he got laid off and the one who moved from my hometown to his because he wanted to be close to his family. I rearranged my whole life for him and he was out screwing some chick how dare she tell me about playing seconds. What was really funny was that she obviously knew about me and chose to play the mistress role because that how it usually goes down the mistress always knows about the main girl ALWAYS.

I said to her" There is no letting go sweetie I can tell you that I will never have a romantic relationship with him again and that I am going to leave him but that does not mean that I have let go and if he tells you he loves me ever mentions my name in conversation or tells you he can't leave me then it is not me who needs to be letting go it's him and you need to have this conversation with him"

With that she hung up the phone. I turned to my left Kevin's breathing has changed which told me that he had been awake for a minute or so. I looked at him hard he opened his eyes as if he had just woke up and said " what". I dialed *69 and handed him the phone with that I walked out of the room just as I headed for the hall I heard him say "Tisha ?" I laughed and headed toward the kitchen. Tears stuck in my throat ready to explode I held back my anger the way you hold back the big o when you want it to really be worthwhile.

I wanted him to feel all my rage. I could hear him calling my name from the bedroom. I just sat on the countertop in the kitchen rocking back and forth and looking at the palm of my hands. I think I was angrier because I did not know that he was cheating and I had sat there like a fool for God only knows how long. I was pissed Kevin entered the room .. I changed my facial expression from rage to insanely calm I didn't want him to know how I really felt that way I could get more truth than lies.................

Part 2

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