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Jane's Diary


Cara Walker

Me name's Jane. Seems daft puttin that in, I know me own name an there's nobody else gunna see in here, but felt like it'd be a good start.
I ain't no good at ritin, not like Miss Louise or the master, but least you can read it. Elsie, from the workhouse, hers looks like a spider got in ink. So reckon I do alright, really.

This's where I put what am thinkin. not what them out there want to hear, wat I think about wat appens. Cos av got me own mind, even tho am ony a maid. It's a big house, this, there's a lot of us maids, an sum of the men that elp out as well. An there's the master, an Miss Louise is not so little girl, an there used t be a Missus as well but she went. Dunno why she went, us low fokes never get told them fings, but I reckon she's one of them that ad callers, if you know what I mean. E's a canny looking chap, the master, so all the "well t do" girls'll be wantin t be the new Mistress. Cos that ain't for the likes of us.

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