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The Jesuit


Mike Daly

Knock, knock.

"I'm coming" said the priest. When he opened the door all he saw was a small baby boy in a basket. The boy also had a necklace with the name Frank. In his years with the Jesuits, an abandoned baby is never easy to swallow. The priest then took the child to the nursery. As he dropped the kid off he sighed.

Growing up with the Jesuits was very hard on Frank. He never truly believed in God growing up. He never was satisfied with the answers he received. This led to constant punishment. Getting spanked was a daly routine.

The teachers soon realized that physical punishment did nothing so they turned to mental punishment. They decided to not let Frank have an once of free time. So after class he was forced to read the bible and write, I will believe what I am told. If he refused, he did not get food. They hoped that if he kept writing it then he would eventually believe. The last abusive act was making him organize every book in the library. By the time he left the school, Frank was a robot.

At 7:04 p.m. on November 5th, Frank prepares for revenge. He prepares the same way every time. First he gets out the gun that is hidden in the kitchen. Then he carefully takes the gun out of its prison and sets it on the table like a mother putting her baby to sleep. To make sure the gun performs to perfection, Frank is a carefully takes apart and cleans every part. He waxes the piece making sure there is not a single streak. Noticing the numbers on the gun, 17 on the left and 76 on the right, are not done dryings Frank reorganizes his books. He pulls out books on Lincoln and Washington and is drawn by their actions. Soon his thoughts drifted towards Andy

It was four Sundays ago when Frank and Andy's lives intertwined. As Frank approached the store he heard a droning sound. When he turned, to pick out the annoying noise, he spotted something that brought back the nightmares of his past. He saw a man wearing the Jesuit symbol. He knew he was going to kill this man. "Hey you do you know about our Lord and savor Jesus Christ?"

When he said this to Frank, more and more of the zombies came over to him. He spoke and they nodded with their agreement. In a matter of minutes he had an army ready to follow mindlessly at any command ordered.

"Who gives you the right to go spouting off about what religion I should practice. As a matter of fact, I don't think it's any of your damn business!"

"I am only trying to save you from yourself. The path of God is the only way to redemption."

"Go blow it out your ass!" Turning away Frank looked back and saw that the spell was not broken by his defiance. He said, under his breath You'll get yours mother fucker, just wait and see.

The crack of lightning forces Frank out of his daydream. Going to retrieve his bible, Frank floats down the hall hypnotized by the red, white, and blue walls. This is no ordinary bible. The velvet cover and old appearance make the bible look authentic, but when he lifts the cover, it reveals a carved chamber that holds a gun magazine. While loading his gun, Frank is on top of world. The only thing that puts him out of the heavens is when he opens the door and walks outside.

While walking, a gust of artic wind swoops down and shocks his entire body. The hair on his arms and legs become needles. He sees the Devil smile over the city as he turns his head to look at the storm. Pulling his jacket tight against his body he knows today will be Andy's Waterloo.

Half-way through the journey Frank is a hawk as his eyes zoom in on the park. Walking through the park he sees beautiful statues of Fredrick Douglas, Benjamin Franklin, and Martin Luther King Junior. Franks theoretical statue has his arms around the others and is engage in conversation. He then moves as if shot out of a gun towards the wanted sign at the end of the park. He spits in disgust as his eyes gazed upon the sign. Every updated sign showing about "The Christian Killer" keeps getting further from his true likeness. This latest one is so far from the truth that there is no chance in hell he is ever going to be caught.

Leaving that piece of shit sign behind the storm begins to grow a devilish smile and places hellish winds upon the city. Blood is dripping down from the skies as the epic attack begins. Only a demon sent straight from the fiery pits of hell dares to walk during the battle. Cracking his knuckles and neck, Frank pulls out his gun and knocks on Andy's door.

A voice inside yells "Be right there."

Andy opens his door and walks out on the porch and asks, "Can I help you?"

"Yes, yes you can."

After saying this Frank swings the gun and crashes it down on Andy's face with such a force that it sends him crashing to the ground. The hit leaves a stream flowing out of Andy's face. Andy's cries for help are not heard because the Devil is yelling at the top of his lungs to make sure no one hears. Pointing the gun at Andy he shouts, "Shut the Fuck up and get in the goddamn house if you want to live!"

Although he hates lying and thinks it is the worse thing imaginable, it must be done. There is no other way people will calm down. If people would listen when he says, go into to the fucking house so I can blow your fucking head off quietly, he would. He begins to laugh as he thinks about it.

"Where the fuck is the goddamn duck tape bitch?"

Incapable of speech Andy just rocks on the floor with acid dripping out of his mouth.

"No I am not going to ask you again. Failure to answer will lead to a slow and painful death"

Making a rat like sound Andy says, "In the kitchen."

Frank realizes that killing this person will do way more good then he first thought. This man is a bitch. He never met such a worthless piece of shit in his whole life. "Okay bitch, why the fuck don't you get up, and take me to the god forsaken kitchen?"

Now back into a vegetative state, Andy gazes into the Garden of Eden not saying or doing a thing. This really pisses Frank off. Because empty threats are no good for a murderer, Frank raises his gun above his head and jams it into the left side of Andy's head. While raising the gun to hit the fucker again, Frank notices that there is blood on the numbers of the gun and it is sweeping up the gun like a mission group spreading its filth. He shouts at Andy, "You got your disgusting theist blood on my gun!"

While Frank is yelling Andy is down for the count. Blood, now gushing from both sides of his head, travels into the carpet. His mouth is open and his tongue is dangling in the blood stained carpet. His limbs and fingers move like a puppet.

Frank, who hates the fact that his gun is dirty, decides to teach Andy a lesson. So he takes action. He shatters Andy's ribs with one kick, his teeth drop with another, and leaves him suffocating as both lungs collapse.

Frank laughs and taunts Andy as he lies on the floor. Pointing the gun at Andy he declares "You got what was coming. If only you weren't such an ignorant fucking prick who stops freedom of thought. It is you FUCKERS that are the true murderers, NOT ME" After saying this Frank puts a bullet in Andy's head.. After killing Andy he wipes the bloody gun on Andy's shirt being careful to leave no finger prints. He then cleans the house of prints and walks out the door.

A lightning bolt hits the church as Frank leaves. The winds are dieing and the rain comes to an end. Looking up, Frank sees the Devil give him a thumb up as he mouths the words good job. The Devil then throws one more gust of wind and the skies clear. As he reaches his house the storm has completely left the city.

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