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The Great Deception


David J. Collins

Smoke, stench, destruction all around and the epidemic of disease. How silly must have been the populous of this dead burnt out planet. No signs of survivors anywhere. It began by a farce of an election. Everything had been mandated beforehand.

Yes, indeed many years beforehand. It was achieved by creating one enemy whereby the people could easily be rallied. There were a few dissenters of course, but they were quickly pointed out to be unpatriotic and some were even labeled traitors. I believe this tactic had been used earlier during what was called the McCarthy era.

We have watched this planet through its evolutionary process from its very inception. How terrible a thing it is when one group of people on a planet believe that it has a monopoly or a patent for the way life should be lived by everyone else. I believe that they called it democracy - yes, that is what it was called. Sad, truly sad. A planet that once promised so much.

It all began with what they termed 9/11. The destruction of their two tallest buildings I believe. We watched it from many light years away. Some members of the Galactic Council wanted to intervene after this fiasco had been carried on for so long and to the detriment of the planet, but many of our Elders pointed out that our policy of non-intervention and the sovereign right of other planets must be preserved. It was even delineated that this oversight was the chief cause of this planet's premature demise.

One of this planet's other presidents - Reagan, I believe - made the remark that in order to unite the American people there needed to be one common enemy. Goebbels also made a similar remark, but added that the fear factor would cause people to give up their rights if they were led to believe that security would be established as a result. One of our Elders said no need to fear. The American people and other peoples of the Earth would never believe that there was a connection between the Iraqi leader and the terrorists who destroyed the World Trade Center. That Elder was really disappointed as he watched the Security Council and its General Assembly not condemn America for its aggression against Iraq.

There was never any outrage when the President talked about a war without end.

Yes, so much carnage because of the irresponsibility of one man, and the willingness of the populous to follow this man without question; but then again, to question was to be perceived as unpatriotic. Yes, Iraq was only the beginning. Then came Iran, Syria and even long time ally Jordan. Some were shocked to see Russia and China enter the fray because many said that it would never happen. Then France and Germany along with North Korea. After awhile the entire planet was engulfed in the nightmare of World War.

I reckon that it is true. The masses are but sheep who are gullible and seek others to think for them. It didn't take long. Only a few short years for total annihilation. The patriot act took care of most of the dissenters. What a shame because they were the true patriots as some others found out too late. All of those detestable concentration camps. People arrested on suspicion of terrorist ties. Others quarantined on suspicion of disease.

The most amazing incident was their armies' attempt to destroy us as we came to save them from self-annihilation. Yes, they turned their toy weaponry upon us. We had never calculated that they would be horrified by our method of travel. It took one nanosecond for one of our Galactic Police Officers to obliterate the entire planet before we could say anything in its defense, but the similarities between what happened and what we found in one of their books called "bible" is very amazing indeed. To know that they were forewarned and still did nothing to avert disaster is beyond belief.

So this is what our records will show. Upon entering Earth's atmosphere and nearing the place called Jehoshaphat near the valley of Megiddo we were fired upon by Earth's armies collectively and one of our officers of the Christ order obliterated all life forms.

Stop. Erase that last line. Just coming in is the detection of a very small contingent of life remaining on this planet. Issue the order to create a new heaven and a new earth to sustain the survivors. Over and out.

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