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A Conversation


Eileen Register

"Well, Goldie, it looks like some of the regulars are leaving early tonight. That bimbo with the gigantic boobs and tight red sweater must have struck out with the big, hairy dude she's been hitting on...wait, he's leaving, too. I guess we know what they have in mind."

"Why, Angel, maybe they're just going for always think the worst of everyone, don't you?!"

"Look, I've been watching that hussy come and go in here for ages, and she usually targets the biggest, raunchiest guy around and drags him out by midnight. Even you, with your Pollyanna attitude, have to admit that she isn't looking for a lumberjack to cut some trees for her. After you've been hanging around this place as long as I have, you'll wise up!"

"Well, it's good (I guess) to have someone around to show me the ropes. What's that hunk over there doing with that mousey brunette. I'd think he could do a lot better than her, as well-built and good-looking as he is..."

"Yeh, well it's late, and like that old song says: `The girls get prettier at closing time.' He left with the bimbo last Saturday night. I guess he's not too choosy... any port in a storm, ya know."

"You'd think people would be a little more careful nowadays, what with all the stuff that's goin' around."

"I just can't believe how naive you are, Goldie. These bar flies and lounge lizards think they're invincible, that they're immune to all that crap. 's not true, though. I overheard the red-headed barmaid telling a customer the other night that the boss had to let the big, muscular, pretty-faced bartender go last week...found out the guy tested HIV positive! Of course, no one can figure out if he got it from straight sex or if he was a closet gay, but the boss didn't want to take any chances."

"I thought there was a law against firing people for that."

"There you go again, Goldie, showing your ignorance! The boss didn't fire him for having AIDS - he isn't that stupid. He probably planted drugs on the guy or accused him of pocketing cash from the till. It wouldn't be the first time. Anyway, the new bartender is very popular with the chicks. His side of the bar is always full of them. He's quite sexy, don't you think? I can't feature him in bed with a GUY, can you?"

"Guess not. The place is emptying pretty fast now. Look, that pretty little blonde did end up with the man at the end of the bar. You predicted that he'd move in on her sooner or later. How did you know?"

"Well, look at how the man's dressed - new Levi's, a suede jacket... crisp, clean western shirt...polished, expensive boots. He's probably got mucho dinero. Might own a big ranch outside of town. Anyway, he's not the type to pick up a trashy bitch. He's as horny as the rest of these studs, but he has a reputation to uphold. I've watched him in here before. Always has a superior air about he's slumming, seeing how the other half lives. Now, look at the girl. Tastefully dressed, expensive but subdued, has a classy attitude about her. She's been sitting at that bar all evening, sipping a martini, and she's only danced once or twice. Lots of guys have asked, but she's real picky. That's what snagged the ol' moneybags."

Gosh, Angel, you know so much about people. I guess spending all your time watching them has taught you a little bit about human psychology."

"Yeh, I'm a regular Sigmund Freud!"

"Ah, finally! The band's quitting. I swear, that loud music really disorients me after a while. It vibrates through everything! Besides, I'm getting hungry."

"Me, too! Why don't we swim to the top and wait for `Red' to bring our supper?..."

"Hi, Angel, are you enjoying your new friend? I hope you aren't too jealous that everyone's been noticing her with her huge, wispy tail and shiny gold body! This old tank needed a little livening up...not that you aren't as graceful and gorgeous as always. Well, girls, what'll it be tonight? How about the `hi-vitamin' stuff the boss bought at the pet store the other day? It will keep you lookin' good and swimmin' lively. And I have a special treat for you...a couple of dead flies I found behind the liquor bottles when I was dustin'..."

"Talking to the fish, again, Red?"

"Yeh, Boss. Sometimes I wonder what they think about all these people and the way they carry on. I'd swear they're watching every move..."

"Sure, Sure. Fish don't think...they thwim!" The boss said, his huge stomach shaking as he guffawed at his own pathetic joke.

"People...stupid, aren't they?!" Angel thought as she settled down for the night, nestling in the artificial greenery at the bottom of the aquarium.

Copyright 1991

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