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Jennifer Lambe

What a wonderful night it had been! Taken out to dinner by an old friend, somebody with whom she'd remained close over the last three years. Although they didn't spend much time with each other, it wasn't required to keep their friendship close. After a few glasses of wonderful chardonnay, and a delightful dinner of spicy pasta at one of their favourite restaurants, she decided a nice scenic drive was in order.

After avoiding puddles and ducking under as many trees as possible to avoid the sprinkling rain, they hopped into his car, and wound their way out of downtown - and into the surrounding drives just outside the city. As the car hummed along, she sighed and watched the moon slowly rising and bouncing off the ripling water.

They pulled off at a tourist stop, and held hands as they walked along a path to their favourite bench, where over the years they had had many conversations. This time, it was a cool crisp evening, with a light breeze playing with her hair, tickling her shoulders. They sat in silence, both in awe of the natural beauty surrounding them. He put his arm around her, and she nuzzled closer. It was so comfortable.

He looked at her, as if trying to pull and throw away the deep sadness in her eyes, and kissed her on the forehead. She knew how very much he cared, but couldn't return his feelings. It was wonderful to feel cared for, attractive and sexy all in a single moment. But in her heart, she knew it was not to be.

created: aug28/04

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