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In America there are so many different kinds of people! I consider it a  wonderful thing to see so many different cultures flourishing in this  wonderful Country. So many different people are experiencing one of the  greatest privileges ever experienced on the physical earth! Every child, no matter what station he is born into has the chance to build his own life and to go his own way! It is a wonderful thing.  In the enjoyment of these wonderful privileges though, many Americans  have become indifferent to true ideals and even to love. It is almost  impossible to get some Americans to be concerned for the preservation of their freedoms. 

It was Thomas Jefferson who said, Yes, we did produce a near perfect Republic, but will they keep it, or will they in the enjoyment of plenty lose the memory of freedom? Material abundance without character is the surest way to destruction.

In the ever-increasing ideology of, If it feels good do it, and, I'm  ok you're ok, we have turned inconsistent and decided to tolerate every  wicked device on earth! Still, although willing to tolerate pagan idiocy,  most American modernists refuse to tolerate what they call Christian  fundamentalism.

Why wouldn't they want to tolerate Christianity anyways? It is a faith  that helped to build our Country. If there were no Great Awakening there would have never been a Revolutionary War! The Bible teaches love, kindness and hard work. Why are modernists threatened by that?

Perhaps the fact that the leaders of the modernists are self-worshipping and power hungry. Indeed, Bible-believers would be a threat to them because Bible-believers refuse to worship any but Christ. You'll find that the communists also persecuted Fundamentalist Christians. They did so simply because these Christians would dare swear allegiance to anyone but their own leaders! This is the problem with anti-Christian liberals. They have purposely declared themselves the enemies of peaceful and loving Americans! 

Americans should wake up to the fact that we are under attack by this  modernistic bigotry, and we need to speak up for ourselves!

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