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Playing you


Chantel Rasmussen

You play your game,
with no regard,
For the people you hurt,
or their broken hearts,

You say you love them,
You say you care,
You say you'll never hurt them,
You say you're not a player,

You tell them you need them,
You say they're the world,
So they'll bend over backwards,
Just to stay your girl,

Your broken promises,
Your empty words,
Lead the path,
For all their hurt,

And you don't care,
It's not your heart,
It's not your life,
That's falling apart,

It's just a game,
Or so I used to think,
Untill you played,
Your games with me,

All the emotion,
All the pain,
All the tears,
Just for a game,

You think it's a joke,
You think it's for fun,
Until you meet,
That special one,

She'll be prepared,
For your game,
She'll be the one alright,
Inflicting the pain,

She'll know what you're about,
She'll know what you do,
And she'll be the one,
To be playing you.

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