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Keep Going


Chantel Rasmussen

I look in the mirror,
and all I see,
is somebody different,
it isn't me,
my hair isn't the same color,
my body's a different shape,
I look like my mother,
and this has driven me to hate,
I've seen so many different things,
my mind is in a whirl,
I have two new piercings,
and I'm not the same little girl,
I've turned boy crazy,
and I'm lookin' for a new man,
I don't know what happened,
I don't understand,
I have to watch my mouth,
and who I talk to,
cause they say,
her next victim could be you,
I don't have a place,
I just sit here,
no name, no face,
no one that cares,
don't know where I've been,
don't know where to go,
can't remember what I've seen,
and have nothing to show,
so I'll just keep growing,
keep moving,
keep going,
keep losing,
keep knowing,
that one day this'll end,
and eventually,
I'll find my friends!

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