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Politically Incorrect (or is it)


Cinnamon Brown

America the great land of opportunity
The place where all men are allegedly created equal
We are built on a system for the people by the people
I ask for what people by what people
Not those same people that stole this country
Not those same people that enslaved my people
I am pretty sure that none of my people helped create our political system
Please donít take me the wrong way thatís not all I have to say
Why are my brothers and sisters of all races and creeds still dying over seas
And whatever happened to those weapons of mass destruction
It seems to me the mass destruction has already taken place damn the weapons
How can this be for the people by the people did they have a choice?
At Burger King if I say no onions by goodness it better not be an onion on that bun
So maybe the only real democracy we have is at Burger King?
When congress has these congressional hearings and makes these decisions on how
OUR country is run do they send out surveys to ask the working class what we think?
And if so I never got one, if your reading this and you got one please e-mail me a copy.
I have more to say but maybe Iíll dish it another day

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