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Questionable, Beside Herself, Forgotten, My Father's Embrace


Catherine Money


My old desk is a cluttered mess
to this I do glumly confess.
Writing on it all the time
has left smeared black inky grime.
Showing deep scars of long lonely hours
times my thoughts have turned terribly sour.
Now and then I might accidentally write
an interesting story that sounds just right.
My budding talent leaves a lot to be desired
I donít seem to have the natural skill required.
So I guess my one question would be this
"Can I write my way out of the abyss?"


A Fatherís Embrace

Forgive me Father as
I have lied
When I shouted that
my faith had died
I felt despondent, all
broken inside.
My soul grew cold
as I wretchedly cried.
This blatant lie I
cannot abide.

For, if I am to be
judged and tried
Only you Lord are
most qualified.
So please embrace me
and justly decide.
In your kingdom I
will now reside.
Father, forgive me now,
be my guide.



She is a grown woman now
but at times she does think it grossly unfair,
that the people who created her
couldnít find it in their hearts to care.

A dull ache surrounds her care worn heart
mourning all the years they spent apart.

Circumstances robbed her of the chance
to grow and blossom from such love.
Each night she would kneel by her metal bed
whispering to God above.

She prayed for her parents to come and take her away
from the foster home where she lived every dreary day.

they would love her very much
and never again leave her alone.
But the years wore on with her
childish prayers now long outgrown.
She was left to sadly suffer
her own torments.
Bountiful gifts given
her by selfish parents.
She serenely abandons her dark reverie
to gaze at the little girl in her lap lovingly.
Despite all of her childhood pain
love and family she finally found.
She embraces all that is dear to her,
this tender heart now left unbound.


Beside Herself

She watched with sadness
as baby cried out her hunger
in sodden distress
Her ruined mother ignoring her fuss
this tiny infant failing to thrive
Oh mother, mother

She watched with anguish
as the little girl frantically sobbed
her mother sauntered out the door
never to return
Oh mother, mother

She watched with grief
while the young woman wept
anxiously searching for her mother
she loved her still
Oh mother, mother

Years passed without any word
I recently heard mother died
fearing I might cry
I viciously swallowed a sob
for never again could I weep
For mother, my mother.

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