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Mr. Rabbit


Celista Tremblay

Mr. Rabbit had a bad habit
He stomped his feet too loud
And when he stomped he kind of tromped
And sometimes caused a big crowd

He stomped in the day
And he stomped through the night
And he stomped to the music by candle light

Mr. Rabbit’s wife was not impressed
She hollered Mr. Rabbit “I’m trying to dress”
Your stomping and dancing is causing a commotion
And I can not think with this house in such motion.

Mr. Rabbit felt sad and so went for a walk
He did not know Mrs. Rabbit would balk
For his stomping and dancing and singing at night
was only his way of bringing delight

As he was walking all around
He could not believe just what he had found
For there in the garden he saw some carrots
And these were his wife's favorites

So he picked a bunch and headed home
He hoped he wouldn’t have to be alone
For these treasures from the garden
Surely they would bring him a pardon
for the menacing mistake he had made

When she saw him she just smiled
She hugged him and kissed him and said I’ve behaved like a child
and your leaving has caused me such fright
So they munched on their carrots
For they held such large merits
Then they stomped and danced through the night

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