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Understanding Confusion


Cesar A. Miranda

How hard is it to find something to do in life, something that makes you happy and makes people happy too, to have everyone agree with you and support you in your every last action and word?

How hard is it to find love, to find someone that tells you I love you and cares about you - and to make it worse, how hard is it to keep them with you once you have found them?

Thatís my case, I love someone I canít have, she lives far away and I canít be with her. People instead of understanding they judge me, my creators are my killers, the ones I turned to for help turned their backs on me; Iím alone. Here I am, sitting on an empty space, trying to figure things out. They just keep on getting more confusing. What to do, where to go, what to say? Over and over again, haunting me, killing me inside.

Around in circles I walk, around rooms full of walls, no exits, no signs of help, no light to guide me. Just darkness and loneliness. My heart and strength are with her. I canít even cry because I have no more power, unwilling to do anything, no faith. People think is just a moment that will pass, they donít know all the long and lonely nights of pain and suffering I endure.

They all think and say, donít worry itíll pass, youíve been there before, but what do they know? They donít know how to fix a broken heart, fix confusion in a mind full of doubts and dead ends. No one knows how, they all just turn around and ignore what they canít understand.

No one can understand confusion.

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