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Chantel Rasmussen

This is an essay that I wrote for my teacher, it was something she had asked the class to do, it was on our believes, I got the highest mark in the class(or at least would have if I'd handed it in on time.) I felt it would be nice if I shared this with you.

I believe in Jesus Christ, our savour. I believe what I belive because I was raised to believe this and because this is what I feel is right. In a way, I guess I believe the same as my parents, but in a way I don't, I guess you could say I created my own form of Christianity based on an old religion and what I've learned and seen in life. I don't think anyone in my religious "group" behaves the same way I do. I have my own way of thinking and behaving which is very different from how most Christians think or behave, you cannot be perfect nor create it, people try too hard, you need to accept your life and the mistakes you've made and only feel guilty when you've done something against what YOU believe is right.

I pray every night that God will protect His creations and that things get better in my life and my friends lives. I know there is a higher power because people need something to belive in, something to have faith in. I believe we got here through God creating Adam and Eve. God created us. We are all on this earth to learn, it's like a school that you can't drop out of. There is a purpose to everyones life, we are all supposed to learn. Everything we hear about or experiance is all part of our lessons. Bad things happen because it's a test to see if we can keep our faith and trust in God.

I believe that when you die you go to heaven for your assesment to see if you "passed". If you killed someone or yourself you get "suspended", in other words you go to hell for a few years, but you do get a second chance. If you mess up again you stay in hell for eternity. I'm dating a guy from another religious background, it's cultural enlightenment and another learning experiance. It has never and will never bother me what relion my boyfriend or my friends are from.

There is no freedom of religious expression in the U.S. as far as I can see. I think they're afraid to offend anyone. Even though they didn't care when they first settled on this land and forced the Aboriginal people to follow their religion. I don't know what their problem is, it could be fear or just plain stupidity, but they should think about it. I also believe that if everyone was the same religion, we'd all be the same as each other. What you believe, your religion, comes from with-in, it's in your soul, pre-decided, we NEED different religions in our society to be true to ourselves.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. And please know that I am by NO means impossing anything on anyone. thanx! Shorty

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