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A Plea to My Love


Charles Okafor

marry marry me, Maricel my love,
please be my wife my love,
i pray of thee today

walking up the down road,
it's Maricel on my mind
a rest beneath beneath the moon,
it's Maricel in my head
asleep tonight in bed,
it's Maricel in my dreams,
for sure i know it's true,
am in love with a fair lady
am in love with you Maricel,
it's beauty that's all around you.
you walked into my life,
stole my 'helpless' heart away,
and fed me with joy, and love that's truly true.
so i found you Maricel, i found you my beloved love,
the lady of my dreams the one i'll always love.
i long to bring myself,
to put a ring upon the finger of my pretty love,
i pray thee my love,
please be my wife-----------------i beg.
be my love and life,
my only beloved wife
i love you so much my darling love
please marry me i beg of thee
so true my love for u is strong and great
my love shall never fade away
marry, marry me Maricel my love
please be my wife, my joy,
the one i will love and hold 'til death.
let the world gather and wait
let the world depart while i speak
and let it be just the two of us,
as i plead with you my love,

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