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Killing the Kids


Clive Michie

A land far away
A land so strange to us
A place that we may never go
A place so full of fuss

Their children have no value
Their love can't be the same
Their parents simply kill them
Their love of allah shame

They do this all for money
They take the cash and cry
They gave their only son
They let them kill and die

I hate this stupid world
I hate the stupid greed
I hate the stupid government
I hate all that they do

The times are getting shorter
The time to fight is now
The lives of many soldiers
The masses surely die

His name was Armad
His parents taught him hatred
His neighbor gave him bombs
His actions on the bus was fate

How many children have to die
How many lives will end
How many parents will give their child
How many can they send

What an evil world we have
What a mess we made
What could we all have done
What can we do right now

I blame the politicians
I blame their foolish ways
I blame all the greedy people
I blame these greedy days

Dedicated to the children of the Middle East
who have been brainwashed to do these evil tasks.
It is not their choice

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