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Blind Distance


Chinedu Uba

Dear Supreme God,
I will ask you always,
Why did you create long distance?
Why is it that there must be a space between two points?
Why is it that we have land,
And water separates Land?
Why does land have to stretch?

Darling, see distance!
What are you saying?
What can you do?
Distance is taking you away
Please don't slip through my fingers
Even if I can't grab you,
Please grab me.
I can't even bear one sight of losing you,
Sweet Woman.

How are you doing now, Dark Goddess?
What are you doing now, Princess?
How are you feeling now, Sweetheart?
What are you saying now, Bronze Queen?
Are you smiling?
Are you sleeping?
Are you laughing?
Are you crying for me?

I am crying for you.
I am smiling for you.
I am feeling for you.
All I wish is to be around you once more
Hold your slender arms,
Look into your eyes,
See you smile,
Touch the birthmark on your left cheek
And see you cry for the joy of knowing me.

I could touch your fingers,
Pull you to my embrace,
Kiss your lips,
Feel your warmth,
And you would be will,
Not to let go of me anymore,
And you would draw me closer,
So that no distance would separate us anymore, forever.
But now, what distance!
What Blind Distance!.

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