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Californication's End



The wicked man prospers! He has built his tents towards Sodom, yet his riches are increased while the good men of the earth struggle in poverty and try to provide for their families, the throngs that present perversity and fornication dwell in mansions and palaces of ease!

We ask ourselves why this is so. We do not know the answer. Perhaps it is because men feed on this perversity that they claim to eschew? Even so, we wonder at the end of the scorner. In the end of his life will come death. No matter what riches they have  accumulated they will leave this world naked and alone as they entered.

In the end of their kingdom there will be poverty and bitterness. They 
will find the rest of the world despising (meaning - to be taken lightly) and  rejecting them as nothing!

Their feet have been set in high and lofty places, but they walk on  slippery steps. Sure, humankind will lust after what they present in sheer scorn of the love and morals we are supposed to know, but will mankind not scorn at them when they fall? Mankind will certainly not come to the rescue of the seat of the scornful, and what do the scorners have to save them if all they know to feed upon are the minds and appetites of men?

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