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Morality and Maturity Are Necessities


Crystal Riley

Everywhere I go in this school, I see people treating others with disrespect. They argue, and sometimes they even fight. Why do we do this? Is this the "Six Pillars of Character" the administrators of this institution envisioned?

Is this Respect, is this Trustworthiness? Is this Responsibility? Frankly, I don't think so. Nearly every person I walk up to that does not know me has something rude to say about me. Is this mature??

We are in these classes to learn, not to focus on our sharp tongue skills!

What we achieve in these classrooms under the direction of these fine teachers will determine the way we live for the rest of our lives. What they attempt, yet rarely succeed to do for some students, will determine what we work at for a living to raise a family, or quite possibly to just support ourselves.

Think about it next time you decide to yell at someone else, or fight, or make fun of someone just because you feel they are not as pretty or as popular as you!

Take the mature way, and accomplish what you come here five days a week, seven hours a day to do. LEARN... your future depends on it.

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