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Memories of the Past


Chris Potts

Memories of the past
Still fill my head.
The life once known,
I thought long dead,
Lives within my mind.
Nothing would I rather have
Than dear old friends
Long left behind.

Itís true I live a friend-filled life,
Yet friends may come and go.
Faced with pain and fleeting strife,
I find the same old truth.
The ones I knew, who dried my tears
Remain a simple thought.
Their enduring friendship begs return,
Sadly it will never come.

Three years ago I left my home.
Despite my fervent pleas,
I left everything held so dear,
Now all too distant memories.
I spent years of cherished life
Within those warm, knowing walls.
My once familiar home
Now stands too far to call my own.
As I think, the warmth is dying,
And it will never come.

As days pass by,
The past does fade.
Things once held close now seem
A shadow of the life I lead.
The memories slow,
Yet my days are bright.
New life now fills the void I felt.

The sad truth is
We must all move on.
While the past should be remembered,
There is no better gift
Than what we are given
At the present.

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