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Too Skinny


Caterina Kenworthy

She's stopped changing in the locker room.
She only uses the stalls now.
Maybe she thought our eyes would break her bones
It doesn't look like it would be difficult.

Her elbows are sharp
They could pierce through skin
She's no longer human
A warrior for the wrong war
An empty box
A corpse maid.

Her spine is waves
A pale ocean that ripples down to her lower back
And for months now the red flag has been up
It's not safe to swim.

Her pelvis juts
Like her stomach's under bite.
Her body dances a slow
Skeletal dance.
She is awkward
Can she speak?

Her hands are spiders
Her bones defined like the lines on a cartoon character
But what happens when the colors fade?
When the filling goes away?
When they're erased?

Do they shrink?
Harsh markings against the furiously white paper
They collapse?
A pile of lackluster lines,
She shrinks.

Love is blind
But she hates and is blinded
Any word of suggestion
Any act of concern
Is turned to accusation
And dissipates like dust
Falling from her loose fist

When will she wilt?
When will she fade?
When will she disappear?

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