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I Surrender


Chinedu Uba

This is what I feel,
And I'm saying it to you right now
I really mean it from the last of my Heart
And I'm so happy saying it,
So proud ever knowing you

I have surrendered to you entirely, My Whole Is (Being)
Because I'm so helpless
And there is nothing I can do about it
So You can have me,
My heart, My Soul,
My everything, No reserve
And we would be so happy about it
But Please Honey, Don't hurt me

My Goddess
I don't even know why I love you
And it's so beautiful in the Heart when you love without any reasons
Because if the reasons varnish,
The love would varnish as well;
And that is no love.

But Sweetheart,
I love you without reasons,
Unconditionally, Compassionately, Totally.
Then there are no reasons that would varnish nor disappear;
which means that I'll love you,
And I'd remain loving you;
even when it's unsafe.
I love you that way, Pretty Woman

Ride on Darling,
Ride on Pretty woman.
None is ever as sweet as you...

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