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God's Way


Carlette Dupuis

When I read the story about Jesus' footprints

Everything starts to make sense


Maybe we are all on earth to prove ourselves to God

That sending us here enables us to do a certain job


People may go through life never knowing what that job is supposed to be

It may be something so simple as raising a family


Maybe everything happens for a reason

Just like there must be an explanation for the change of seasons


But sometimes our job is never completed

A life taken away so that we've been cheated


Could God have prevented this death

Does he want to test the faith of those who are left?


Does God have control of everything that goes on on earth?

Sometimes that's hard to believe as society around us gets worse


People say he is the one who created A.I.D.s

To get rid of the evil he must work in mysterious ways


But I donít believe that

It's like a stab in the back


Why should innocent people suffer

Is that supposed to make them tougher


Each religion has different beliefs

But it's Godís love that we all seek


Some people's sins are worse then others

They go around killing one another


But no one knows what happens to them till judgment day

When they stand at heaven's gates to enter or be sent away


I don't think there will ever be peace among everyone

People used to even be against God's son


Today's society is even worse then before

Women even make money off being a whore


I'm sure when god created mankind he didn't want this to happen

To look upon us today he must be saddened


For how the world should have been

No one ever angry and the world free of sin


Now it's too late to go back to the old ways

When the world was a beautiful and peaceful place

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