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Rugged Individualism



What is one great characteristic that has helped to shape our nation? It is rugged individualism! Indeed, most people that came to this Continent at the beginning of its building were rugged individuals. Most of them were people who thought so far outside of the box that they were outcasts in Europe. They came here seeking refuge, and freedom of thought and expression. They came here to build lives their OWN way!

Many were Bible-believers who sought the freedom to worship God in their own ways. Some were prisoners who were exiled. Some were aspirers who sought both riches and opportunities. All of these were people who thought for themselves, who believed that they could build their own way, or that God would even make them a refuge in this grand new world! Creativity and originality are what caused these individuals to have such an effect on world history!

In these modern times some have felt pressured to fit a mold, to be cool, to be accepted. These things are not really important. It is the  original thinker that goes down in history who was never accepted by his own friends or family, but has reached a higher goal in affecting the world for good!

Not that there is anything we can necessarily do about it except one 
thing; we can accept people and be kind to them. That seems simple, but it is very true. As Americans we should have a cause and stand for it! We should also show charity, kindness, and purity in our lives. Perhaps, I am re-inventing the wheel, but these simple truths are very important for us to understand. If this could have a positive effect on some American I would be very pleased!

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