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Father's Love


Charlie Mann 

Our childhood dreams, and sweet caress.
Our Fatherís Love can not regress.

His undying devotion, and unconditional love.
He watches over us like heaven above.

We walk through life, hand in hand.
Our Fatherís Love can understand.

He sees our pain, and feels our tears.
With Dad around I have no fears.

I have his nose, and his eyes.
Our Fatherís Love will never lie.

He teaches us respect, and what is right.
So we too will never lose sight.

He is always there, when weíre in need.
Our Fatherís love implants a seed.

That never leaves us, and never dies.
Nothing on earth can break these ties.

But there comes a time, for us to grow.
Our Fatherís love in our own show.

He pats our back, and gives a grin.
To let us go is not a sin.

Our New life begins, and weíre all grown.
Our Fatherís love we give to our own.

And maybe sometime, in the distant future.
Weíll have to face our own Departure.

The Things weíll see, and places weíll go.
Our Fatherís love will never know.

But his undying devotion, and unconditional love.
Will inevitably reunite us in heaven above.

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