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Know Thyself


Chad Lilly

Learn to listen

to your self

to your voice

to the voice of conscience . . .

know there is

a difference and

learn to differentiate 

between the two . . .

know when its you

talking and when its you

listening . . . learn 

to speak your thoughts

not the thoughts of others

learn to say what you mean

learn to convey

the messages you bring . . .

effectively communicate 

with your self and others.

Learn from your self

from within . . .

that’s what education is

and no book

no teacher

no preacher 

can ever reach you

without you being

open within . . . forget what others say

forget everything that you’ve been taught

all the ‘knowledge’

all the reason

all the philosophy . . . throw all of it away;

begin to think

your own thoughts,

not my thoughts

your thoughts,

not their thoughts,

your thoughts . . .

follow not in the footsteps

of your mothers and fathers,

nor worship the gods

they’ve made of paper . . .

learn to erase the tape 

recording playing in your head,

sing your own song

or don’t sing at all.

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