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Chrissie-Jane Harrison

This empty feeling that I feel,
Isnít going to go away,
I feel as if this nothing
Inside, is here to stay.

My thoughts are filled with darkness,
That I cannot understand,
Every thought a blurry blank,
My feelings never planned.

These tears that fall upon my cheeks,
Make my thoughts more clear,
They pour my feelings from my eyes,
And make memories reappear.

The hurt and pain caused from these tears,
Is something that lies deep within,
It cannot be erased or forgotten,
As itís something that wonít give in.

The realisation of happenings,
Donít reach me when I cry,
Yet they try to reshape me into something new,
A stronger person, willing to try.

The emptiness and darkness,
Never fades away,
All my thoughts and emotions,
Turn a murky grey.

The loneliness, I feel taking over me now,
The way I feel it should be,
It hurts, but it seems the only way,
I donít deserve to be set free.

On the outside looking in,
I can see the weakness within me,
Purely innocent and alone,
I am blind, I cannot see.

The world passes me by,
I want it to stop and to wait,
I want to catch up yet cannot run,
I want to be free and elate.

Memories, the things I fear most,
Why wonít they fade away?
This pain, I want it to leave,
Instead the memories are forced to stay.

The memories I so want to erase make me who I am today.

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