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The Necromancer


Chana Mager

You tore my heart out
slashed my soul to mere faded pieces of dream
All this with the touch of your pen
My mind screams at me for rationality
What remains of my heart weeps for what could be
I stand at the edge of a nightmare and wonder where I am
There was hope there, for your warmth, your kindness, your humour
They say hope springs eternal
Is that right?
Are you a chimera?
A necromancer who stole my vision?
a glorious day of a field
the earth warmed sun
the bees flit between the flowers
no, that is a vapour, an illusion
reality stands before me, it mocks me
reality scolds me for my foolishness
It reminds me
You have eviscerated me
So I stand here on the edge of this precipice
trying to determine my fate
the wind is cold and wet with tears
My ratcheted heart and my torn dreams are pulling me down
into the hell of my torment
I wish only the best for you
But, you are no longer here
You have faded into the moon from whence you came.

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