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Cesar A. Miranda

How smart the world is,
That takes all its beauty, sweetness and good things,
And hides them inside one person.

How smart the world is,
That takes all its beauty and everything nice,
And with them makes an amazing shape and calls it YOU.

You, the one who has it all,
All the beauty, all the sweetness,
All the mystery, all the wonder.

You, who keeps the key of my heart,
And owns my soul,
You, my one and truly love.

With every smile you give the sun shines,
With every tear you drop it rains,
Your beauty inspires the writers and poets to create,
Your sweetness and kindness inspires the world to have faith.

You are the angel from heaven,
Who had mercy of the world,
And came down to earth,
To fill it with beauty and give it a soul.

You are so beautiful and so sweet,
That the day you were born,
And throughout your whole life,
There have been thousands of pages written,
About you in the book of time.

To let the world know and everyone whoís been,
And will be in it,
That there once was a beautiful princess,
Who filled the world with beauty and sweetness,
And made the rest of the times jealous of not having you.
And not having the pleasure,
Iíve had of meeting you,
And knowing who you truly are.

Not even with 100 lifetimes I could define,
That beautiful mystery,
The mystery hidden in your eyes.

Those beautiful eyes,
Full of love and fantasy,
A look at them,
Is what keeps the motor of my heart alive.

Beautiful, smart, sweet,
Caring, lovable, strong,
So many wonders in you,
Forever I could go on.

As everything else in life,
This comes to an end,
Not even all the paper in the world,
Would help me describe even half,
Of the wonderful human being you really are.

You is what keeps me going in life,
You are the reason I live,
You are the one that gives me faith,
You my princess are all I need.

My favorite word in life is you,
I live to admire you,
You are the one that makes the world bright,
My world revolves around you.

You are the one that inspires a rhyme,
Beauty was made because of you,
I canít wait for my next life time,
To wake up and keep on writing about you.

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