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Chad Lilly

From our collection of polished sterling spoons

and newly redecorated sitting rooms,

that are never used, to catalogues full of precious clothes

of which we'll dispose come next fall . . . and manicured


chemically fertilized to shades of green.

Our satellite dish six-hundred channel big screen colour t.vís.

Surgery to enhance what others see

provides relief from the insecurity

that calls for incisions to add, alter, or decrease

a beauty that is only skin deep and made mostly of plastic.

From our fashion queen magazine cover models

setting standards for all to heed . . .

to our "his" and "hers" convertible Mercedes

with black leather interior and personalized plates . . .

and page after page after page

of thirty-day weight loss guarantees;

we run our routine of chasing self-created illusions

the way children play make-believe,

pretending to be kings, princesses, jesters,

and thieves . . . with cellular phones

and answering machines that beep us when we're needed.

We're self-proclaimed VIPs in an all-inclusive game of image

and vanity is the energy we give it.

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