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Dance Of The Starling


Charilette Rai Sweeney

I had ventured out into the snow of a new morning's winter chill

The ice crackled beneath my feet and the air was quiet and still

A wicked storm had passed o'er during the night, disappearing with the dawn

The ground had become a giant canvas of white out across my lawn


Tiny little footprints lay before me etched upon the virgin snow

I thought I would follow along behind to see where they might go

The footprints seemed to wander aimlessly, first this way, then that

Reminiscent of a ballroom dance instructor's footprint-patterned mat


At trail's end I found a tiny starling as she lay disheveled in a heap

At first I thought she had not noticed for she seemed to be asleep

There she lay with wings outstretched covered in icy crystal dew

She did not move at all as I approached and it was then I knew


Melancholy stabbed me through my soul, my heart in two did rend

For the starling had danced across the snow until her will was at its end

I could have shook my fist at Heaven, but what good would it do

So I turned and walked slowly back towards home lest I be frozen too


Spring's breath has since blown all the ferocious winter storms away

And I still walk along the creek bank to relax and enjoy the day

But I cannot help but think of her when I pass by with eyes downcast

At wild lilies that mark the spot where the starling danced her last

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