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Poem To My Baby #3


Cesar A. Miranda

When you see her you want to cry,
Because you canít believe such perfection is real,
To write about her I just can try,
Sheís the one that my heart stealed.

I thank God day and night,
For being gifted with such perfection,
With a look at her eyes everything seems right,
A soulmate connection.

Her hair as soft as sand,
Shiny as the sun,
My words ran out of rhymes,
Without her helpless in circles I run.

Her eyes as deep and shiny as the stars,
Each of her tears is priceless,
When I make her cry I spend my night at the bars,
With the coldness of a knife through my heart, feeling worthless.

Her smile illuminates my heart,
From dusk 'til dawn,
She has the key to my heart,
Without her Iím done.

Life made no sense before her,
With her now Iím complete,
My entire life I will always devote to her,
Baby you are my life, and to live it youíre all I need.

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