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The Bottem Line - "I Wanna Be Sedated"


Catherine E. Smithwick

Teen angst is an issue best dealt with while wearing hormonal deflectors. If you get too close you may be caught up in the whirlwind of troubling issues. Examples? Your parents don't understand you, you don't know what to wear, and there's a huge zit on your forehead the looks like a third eye.

The worst part about being a teenager has to be that no one really wants to listen to what you have to say. This is not a "Down With Parental Units!" rant; just stating the facts. Sometimes I can't blame adults, though. After all, you've only to listen to the popular rock music and read the heartbreak ridden poems that our youth has to offer.

I'd like to know when exactly it is we all became such wimps. I suspect it was when Dawson's Creek became one of the best-rated shows on T.V, but I cannot be sure. It makes me sad, however, to know that somewhere out there a kid is opening the jewel case to his brand new Good Charlotte C.D after having a tough talk with his parents over the risks leaving damp towels on the carpet.

There are some legit things about teen angst, though. As I stated earlier, not everyone wants to hear what you've got to say until your twenty, and even that's pushing the line. It seems that adults either forgot what it was like when they were our age, or they remember too fondly. The common opinions seems to be that since we lack 'worldly experience', we have no clue what we're talking about.

My opinion, however, states that they have too much world experience and as a result have lost touch with their inner child. For some reason, we find the alien-abduction-slash-UFO-crash-slash-total-U.S-government-cover-up story easier to believe than the supposed 'truth'. (Wink Wink)

They always seem to wonder why it is we listen to such horrid music and say such out of line, radical
things. Mostly, it's because we're hoping to come up with something so totally insane, the adults will have no choice but to throw up their hands and give into youth culture.

So, as my sign off I say this: Teen angst is crap! Your zits will go away, you'll grow up, and you'll be a drone someday too- there IS something to live for!

~What Does The Chicken Crossing The Road Have To Do With Anything!?~

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