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Rambling Sanity


Chad Lilly

Alone and spiralling down

the path of apathy . . . through the dire straits of sanity

and other self-created tragedies,

into the open arms of sadness . . . and smiling madness,

again, I am welcomed and embraced,

my tranquility unknowingly replaced

by my desire for more than compliance,

complacency and a little morsel of the taste

of money.

And won't it all be so funny?

When we cease to breathe and the pieces

get returned to their maker,

when the world is forsaken

and souls partake of the exodus finale.

Then what shall we collect or possess?

What will be traded and how many jaded

in the game of excess . . . what will we call treasure then?

By what standard will we measure ourselves

when there is no health or vanity

to consume or minds,

our money, and our time?

Then what will shoppers seeking the bargain desire to


When all the items forged of matter

have at last been scattered to the ground again.

When our transparent ideologies

all have fallen, and our traditions

are no longer calling our beliefs

to kneel and bow to the financial power

of nations warring with themselves

about national health care vs. a shiny new space station.


except the one to be human.

Glucose cellulite upright and walking,

plastic intoxication is now mass marketed

as the days grow darker and our eyes get smaller;

our thoughts continue to be caught

in traps that have been set

by programmed plans and preoccupied mindsets . . .

the virus begets a virus

inside us and our only growth is malignant

and nauseating . . . with commercials advertising

an all out free for all;

like cattle rounded and feeding

on their own species.

And if this is humanity's peak . . . wake me when its over.

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