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7 Whole Days


Cinnamon Brown

(the breakup saga)

Day 1
My hearts broken I'm suffocating choking thinking what could she have that I do not possess except your love and tenderness.

Day 2
I hate you more than I did Day 1 I'm here suffering and your out having fun. I cant stare at my own reflection without thinking about our affection.

Day 3
I take a moment and reexamine me wondering were did I go wrong should i have held on this long.

Day 4
I don't like me anymore i give up on love put my trust in God above.

Day 5
I'm happy just to be alive i miss you but realize you will never return decide to let it go let it burn.

Day 6
I'm back in the mix the mention of your name still makes my heart hurt but I take it in stride and remember that's the way love sometimes works.

Day 7
We are no longer an item everyone knows it the words have been said tears have been shed we both have moved on you maybe farther than I but past the moment were eye met eye  I'm so sorry we didn't make it CW you still inspire me!!!

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