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The Bottom Line - "Everyone Else Does It"


Catherine E. Smithwick

 What is the greatest insult to our meager intelligence? Telling us there is no such thing as the Tooth Fairy? No. Telling us Santa Clause still exists? No. The greatest insult is this: Peer pressure.

Now, before I offend anybody, I don't mean that only stupid people fall victim to peer pressure. This is because I don't believe in peer pressure at all. If a person is dumb enough to fall for the "You're not cool unless you do it, too" line, that individual deserves whatever psychological tragedy befalls them.

The first stop on my list is drugs. Come on. That's possibly the biggest peer pressure block existing. We've been taught to "Just Say NO!" all our lives (thank YOU Mrs. Regan). Drugs are bad for our system, literally. Black lungs, pale skin, hair loss, internal problems. Higher authority has been shoving that medical mumbo jumbo down our throats since we were three. Who in their right mind would even think of drugs without recalling that and throwing up?

Next is eating disorders. I know a lot of girls have problems with food and their bodies. It's part of being a teenager, correct? What makes me mad, though, is the fact that girls feel they have to be the skinniest and prettiest or no one will like them. What's on the inside matters, but if it's compacted into two cine meters, people will be too grossed out to talk to you.

Finally is sex. If you have indeed been fooled by that prior line, you need to be slapped. If everybody were having sex, there would be no birth control items left in the world. There would be random babies (or not) running around.

Peer pressure is stupid no matter how you put it. It's also an easy way out of trouble when you do something wrong. All you have to do is look at your parents, start to cry a bit, and sob out, "It...wah...was p-p-peer pressure", followed by a wail of pain and shame. Parents seem to buy this more and more lately, which is a shame, because my mom isn't one of those.

If I did it, I own up to it, because she finds out one way or another. If I broke a cup in the kitchen
because I was riding around on the rolling chair, I have to tell her that. I can't say my peers made me do it, because I'll get grounded even more than before.

So as my sign off, I say this: Quit whining! If you do something, tell the truth- you knew it was bad when you were thinking about it!

~There's Too Much Disinfectant In My Soup~

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