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Perfection Is Not Enough!


Cesar A. Miranda

I lost sense of time,
I lost all my rhymes,
I canít take you out of my mind,
No I canít.

I donít understand what happened,
Why this even happened?
Not even being the best,
For you was enough.

Crying I fall asleep,
Just to cry some more,
Counting all the minutes,
All night long.

As much as I love you,
Is as much as I suffer,
I canít get this pain out of my heart,
I tried and I canít.

The wind blows in my face,
But doesnít move my tears an inch,
Happiness left my heart,
All the smiles went away.

All I did was love you,
All I did was respect you,
I never raised my voice,
Or ever made you upset.

All I did was love you,
Even more than my own life,
Against everyone and everything,
Against the ones I cared for,
Was for you.

They all said donít do it,
But by this love I was blinded,
While you lied to me,
Lie after lie.

You said you loved me,
You said this was forever,
I felt it like a little boy,
On all your lies.

The only one wrong was me,
Loving you with everything,
Everything I had in me,
And you never felt a thing.

All I did was love you,
And you paid every word of love,
With a lie,
Everything I did for you,
And you didnít even mind,
Breaking my heart,
Breaking my soul,
You did me so cold,
You left me empty inside.

The worst part of this,
Is that I still love you,
And you donít deserve,
A thing from me.

But no I canít help it,
My heart is driving me crazy,
My heart broken in many pieces is,
Pieces that still love you.

I guess being perfect,
Was not enough for you,
Then what hope do I have,
If being perfect was not enough.

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