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If You Can


Chantel Rasmussen

When I hear your name,
I see your face in my mind,
When I remember the "us,"
I feel the pain inside,
When I'm asked,
How I feel about you,
I deniy it cause I know,
You'll hear the truth,
I know you're laughing at me,
Thinkin I'm a hoe,
But guess what baby boy,
You wouldn't know,
I bet you never thought,
You could ever kill,
But if you don't control yourself,
No one else will,
Can you belive where you are?
Can you belive where you're sittin?
You're rotting in a jail cell,
While I am out here living,
And yet you think you're better,
You think that you're all hot,
But guess what know-it-all,
You are most definately not,
But even with all this,
I miss you very much,
Your eyes your smile your kiss,
I miss your gentle touch,
No matter what I have to say,
You're always on my mind,
I eat sleep and breath you,
You're in my dreams at night,
I guess you could call it,
The reason for all my hate,
But that's just an excuse,
And I don't play that way,
I wish that I could make you,
Feel all of my pain,
Walking down the hallway,
Feeling completely ashamed,
I remember when,
You hurt me so bad I cried,
Reminding me of all the reasons,
I had to die,
But you don't even care,
you don't give a damn,
You want to forget I exist,
Go ahead; if you can.

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