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The Rainy Day


C. Elizabeth Anastasopoulos

For my daughter, Eleftheria

Today it's really rainy with a big gusty wind,
So my Mommy told me I had to stay in.

I don't like being inside 'cause there's not much to do,
I am bored and I'm lonely - I really feel blue!

But I won't throw a tantrum and I won't start to whine.
There's gotta be something I can do with my time!

First I'll try watching TV - well, there's nothing on.
I'll try reading a book - Hey! Some pages are gone!

I'll try playing ball with my little brother Jack,
But he's just a baby so he can't throw it back!

I'll try having a tea party with my dolly and bear,
But I know they'll just fight 'cause they won't want to share.

I'll try playing with the puppy -but he went and hid.
I tried my hardest to find him - but I never did!

I'll try playing the piano - hmm, it sounds out of tune,
So I'll try eating some ice cream . . . now where are the spoons?

I'll try practicing my ballet . . . OW! I stubbed my toe on the door!
I lost my balance and fell on the floor!

I'll try painting a picture, of what I don't know.
It doesn't really matter 'cause I'm feeling so low!

I want to start crying! Nothing's going my way!
The wind keeps on blowing and the day is still gray!

Wait just a minute - what was that Mommy said?
The rain has stopped falling? The sun's shining instead?

What? The driveway needs sweeping? Weeds need pulling you say?
But Mommy, I'm quite tired! I've done so much today!

I watched some TV and played ball with my brother.
I practiced my ballet - now I'm very weary, Mother!

So why not just hold me? I'll curl up in your lap.
I'll wrap my arms around you and take a short nap.

And if again it starts raining and the sky becomes gray,
Wake me up, Mother, so I can get up and play!

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