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Chad Lilly

There is no going back. 

The bridges have been burned.

Retreat is no longer an option;

We win, or we perish . . . 

like the Commander of an army 

outnumbered 6 to 1, who went to battle 

on foreign shores and won . . . forward 

we march with arms upraised triumphantly 

before the first drop of blood

ever hits the ground . . . as drumbeats

pound the silence

with the sound of victory.

We’re warriors engaged

in hand to hand combat

to the death, our enemies invisible, 

our wars waged internally,

our victory a matter of 

perspective, but nevertheless

we’re warriors

willing to bleed for our cause:

Warriors fighting for the right to dream . . .

and retreat is no longer an option

the bridges have all been burned,

there is no going back; We win, 

or we perish.

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