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Everyday I Pray


Cinnamon Brown

Every day that I pray God gives me a new revelation he opens my eyes to all those things that I have looked at every day but I never really saw them.

Take the sky for example every day I look up at the sky some days it is very blue some days it is gray but every day it is there open space above my surroundings.

When I started praying God allowed me to see that sky and all of its attributes its difficult to explain in words what I saw, but because of me seeing I now appreciate that open space.

I looked in the face of a woman who was very mean she never smiled she was always very negative everything reflected around her hurt and her pain she was bitter, scorned by love, lacking trust in other, self-defeating and a host of other miserable things.

I prayed to God for that woman, I said "God why is she so bitter what could possibly be that bad?". GOD responded "Stop looking at her". I was confused because I couldn't help but notice her she had this familiar hurt in her eyes but she had a sophisticated beauty. But when God instructs you to do something you just go ahead and do it.

So I decided I wasn't going to look at her anymore and I went back to GOD again and said "How do I put on my makeup without looking at me in the mirror" God said You can not see yourself in that mirror, in order for you to see yourself you have to ask yourself some things give yourself some answers" Because I have seen myself self I never look at myself the same way Everyday I pray

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