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I Didnít Know


Cesar A. Miranda

I never knew, that love could be so strong,
So real and never go wrong,
So powerful, and never let you down,
Making me feel more powerful than wearing a crown.

I never knew, that some one like you was real,
That I could ever so happy feel,
I thought you only existed in dreams,
That I could ever be so in love.

I didnít know,
That someone like you could look,
That someone like you took,
A look at this little boy,
And feel it with so much joy,
I didnít know.

These feelings are so unreal,
And theyíre all because of you,
Is so much love I feel,
Iím in love with you.

Until the end Iíll go,
Following your love,
Is my pleasure loving you,
It honors me.

Until the end of time,
You will always be inside of me,
I couldnít describe my love with any rhyme,
With you I just couldnít happier be.

I look at the stars at night,
Wish I could make you my bride,
To the mystery of beauty I pay more attention,
Finding the figure of your reflection.

You inspire so much love,
I want to share a little of you with the world,
To let them enjoy for once true love,
And like you for me, to someone mean the world.

I couldnít with words describe,
All the love inside my heart and soul,
I for you have so much pride,
Without your love my heart feels so cold.

Every time I take a look,
At your eyes I always realize,
You from life I took,
Beside you Iím in paradise.

I donít want to ever leave you,
By your side I would love to have the honor and be,
The one that means the world to you,
Let's make a world of love between you and me.

I never knew someone like you was real,
I never knew love this strong I could ever feel,
My precious treasure you will always be,
Princess with you for eternity let me be.

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