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Without Her


Cesar A. Miranda

How cold can my nights get,
If I donít have you here,
My heart a broken cell,
Every minute passing by, sadder and sadder I get.

How can you tell a broken heart,
It wonít get fixed again,
How do you tell it to start,
From zero, from the end.

How can so much time,
Not mean anything to you,
All my loving words and rhymes,
Here I am crying a river of tears to you.

How can you tell a heart broken,
To forget its best times,
To find a new love and be open,
After committing love crimes.

Without you Iím useless,
Lost in the dark,
Everyday is darkness,
You have left in my heart a mark.

Your smile was my sun,
Your eyes were my guidance,
Without you in circles I run,
I think of you as I search for my gun.

Dreams gone, lies revealed, destruction,
Life done, smiles gone, hopes are a rejection.
Without her born I was,
Without her I lived,
I thought I had her, never did,
This poem is done, my last energy is gone.

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