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I would like to invite you, the reader, to be my guest in my home. Of  course, my home is constantly getting messy because I don't live alone, so let's say this visit is a planned one! That way my house is tidy and neat,  and you are especially impressed with my class!

Come in my friend, and we will have warm fellowship together as  literature is much warmer and honest then the rigid social rules we must  conform to outside of it!

Have a seat in my recliner. That's my favorite chair. Its so big and  stately looking. Makes me feel comfortable and important, as I hope you feel now being my beloved guest.

Let us sit here and talk of all things pleasant! Let us flatter each other as friends so often do! We talk; then we go out to my huge back porch  so we can admire the yard and get some fresh air. This house is very old. I only wish I knew who all lived here before me. 

When it was first built it was used for two separate apartments, and there was no electricity.

Ah, let me go get my guitar! That would be fun. What songs do you know?  This would be corny to most people, but we're in the country, and no one can  hear us. Why not have fun?

You'll see my gardens over there. I love lilies. Lilies are my favorite  flowers. Its funny how everything in nature seems to symbolize some strange truth to me. I like to sit out here and just watch my gardens and my lawn. I have birds here of all kinds. I have finches, cardinals, blue jays and hummingbirds!

You wouldn't believe how quickly you can forget about all of your  troubles while sitting on the back porch with a cup of coffee! There's a lot of beauty in this world! Yeah, the world's in turmoil and we can't be sure we'll keep our prosperity, but God made the land for our enjoyment so I take time for it!

At night its fun to sit out on the roof that's over the front porch. If  you stay tonight, we can go out there and watch the stars. Yes, this makes for a strange visit, but its much more interesting then your usual dinner and drinks!

On The Roof
We can see all the different little streets up here. Its a quiet and  interesting country town here. I enjoy the privacy. There is nothing like the silent glow of the little street lamps with no interruption of crowds, or noise. Its like the whole village belongs to just me! I hope you liked my old home. Thanks for dropping by!

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