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For Love of You


Charles Okafor

Dedicated to my beloved friend, who got struck by HIV/AIDS

It hurts to know that you will be going away
But if you will, please take me with you,
Hold my hand and carry me along,
Sing to me the way it pleases my heart.
I will be happy with you
where ever you are
If you must go alone
I want you to know that i will be here
Dreaming of you.
When you are gone, my days will be cold
Lonely and weak in search of you i will go.
If you are gone forever from me
Beneath the moon that floats on the sea
I will be asking the birds what wind has blown
My treasure from me.
Peaceful is here, why not stay here with me
I fear the odds to tear us apart,
For then i will weep far from your touch
Your bones are weak, your body is frail,
from the plague that's within you
The virus is strong and eating you away
The crow of cock draws nearer your flight
to where it is that only spirits abound
When you are gone,
Your essence remains,
Stacked in my heart,
Mending my lips all with a smile.

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