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Lost Hope


Callie Mackenzie

Meandering slowly through the shallow depths of my mind, you see something on the ground before you. Reaching down to pick it up you gaze upon it. Itís a note that Iíve written to you, telling of many things, of love, pain, and redemption.

The words are so moving that you canít stray your eyes, fearing that some how it wonít be real. The last lines read, ď Youíre the only person thatís made me feel alive. I forget all my flaws when Iím with you. Just let me inÖĒ With the blink of your eye, the letter slips from your fingers.

You hear soft sobbing and follow the sound. Before you I sit on the ground, my knees pulled to my chest. My eyes are crimson except the small part that remains green. You continue to walk past me you glance down. I reach my hand out for you, needing to touch you and feel whole. You turn into someone else, into the one person that constantly disappointed me.

The person that always looked down upon me, that made me feel like nothing. Looking at my scars and telling me how he always knew I would be a failure, that no one would ever love someone as worthless as me. My mouth taste of salt because of my tears. A smile grows across my face.

This hollow person that stands before me isnít real, just a mere shadow of one thatís no longer real. Your eyes turn from the cold and unforgiving color of pale blue, to a brilliant deep blue they are filled with love and acceptance. You reach for my hand; all at once I know everything will be fine.

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