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All I Want Is You


Little Nikita

I can稚 believe I walked away,

What was I thinking; I never should have strayed,

I値l never find anyone that will love me like you do

And now it痴 all over all I want is you

I thought the grass was greener, but it was just a lie,

Once I made it to the other side the grass was all dead and dried

Now I'm feeling so dead and empty inside

I miss you so much baby, all I want is you

I picked up the phone and tried to call you today

There was no answer you壇 gone away

I know how much I hurt you; I shattered all your dreams

I pushed our love to the worst extremes

Ill make no excuses for being such a stupid fool,

I知 just really sorry I treated you so cruel

Whenever you池e ready, wherever you may be

Ill come to you baby, I値l get down on my knees

I値l prove to you I知 sorry, I値l make it up to you,

If you give me just one chance, let me make a fresh start

Ill do everything I can to make our love new

I値l totally give you my heart

I値l tell you I love you a million times and more

I値l love you so deeply; I値l make your heart soar

I値l ask you to marry me and be my wife,

I値l do it all; I値l give you my life

I can稚 believe I walked away,

What was I thinking; your love I betrayed

No one will ever love me like you do
Don稚 let it be over baby because all I want is you

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