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Little Princess


Little Nikita

My little girl she held my hand,
Then she looked up at me,
She said " Mummy you're still a Princess "
Tears filled my black and blue eyes,
"All girls are princesses mummy, please don't cry "
Leaning down I picked her up,
Cradling her in my arms I kissed her golden hair.
A little tear rolled down her cheek,
In a quiet voice she whispered "Its not fair "

I tried to tell her Daddy still loved her,
Tried to tell her he was just sick
But she just shook her head,
I cuddled her tightly,
Tucked her into bed.
Then I prayed a silent prayer
God please don't ever let her find me dead.
I walked quietly out to the kitchen
Heard his car pull up the driveway
It was about to start again

His key turned in the lock,
I prepared for the worst.
He'd been out on the booze,
Come home to me
Ready to explode with a short fuse.
I greeted him as he opened the door,
But he only looked at me
He grabbed me by the throat.
As I gasped for air he laughed,
Then smashed my head against the wall.
I knew I couldn't take any more.

I heard a little voice,
She said, "Mummy please don't cry"
"All girls are princesses and daddy must die"
Then she aimed the gun at him,
Shot him in between the eyes
She dropped the gun to the floor,
"He wont hurt us any more"
She was covered in her daddy's blood
I picked her up cradled her in my arms
Rocked her gently back to sleep
Then began to weep.

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